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Workshops to come for 2024

The power of the horse.  Horses live in the moment, live in their body.  Do you know a horse can hear your heart beat from 5 feet away, they can tell from your body language how you are feeling, what is going on within you.  They are a prey animal, so they need to be able to think on their feet, know who they can trust, who they need to be cautious of.  Working with the horse enables us to live the way they do, to listen to our body, not to be stuck in the story in our head. To live authentically.  To understand how our energy works, how our emotions can give us messages, good and bad.  How to work with our body rather than against it.  The more we do this work, the motor neurons of our brain change and therefore our beliefs, our conditioned selves start to change, we learn new behaviours, be more authentic.  Through the magic of the horse, they mirror us.  So even if we do not see it, our horse will.  They are the perfect partner for self reflection.  They are willing to teach you, if you are willing to learn. 

When coming to these beautiful workshops we are offering, know it is not a quick fix, but an insight as to what can be.  Be open to learning about yourself, starting a journey of self belief, self love and walking the path to your true authenticity. 

Our Space

Our philosophy of our space, is to be shared, for others to enjoy, for others find sanctuary.  We caretake the land of the Coast Salish nation, the Shishalh, specifically Xwesam (Roberts Creek), which mans “when the water bubbles”.  The property flows from one magical piece of nature to another.  Even though we have only been honored to live here since May 2022, the space has been evolving over hundreds of years, as is evident by the old growth of trees, we are sheltered and nurtured by Maples, Cedars, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Weeping Willows, Arbutus and a Sequoia.  You will find six ponds, all filtering water from the creeks and allowing them to continue on their way to lower creeks to feed the abundance of wildlife we share our space with.  All of our ponds are their own eco systems and we love to see who comes to visit throughout the year.  Our horses have access to a lower pasture where they are sheltered by the trees and hedgerows.  As we wander through the space, we have trees whispering to us to sit and relax and reflect.  Listening to the chirping of the frogs, watching the dragonflies feed at the pond and the family of ducks meander throughout the property munching on bugs and algae and sheltering from the sun under the reeds.  The upper area of the space is dedicated to the horses living space.  We have an orchard with an abundance of mature fruit trees, where you can find the horses taking shelter in the warm days.  We share our space with a pair of bald headed eagles, I don’t think I will ever get bored of listening to them chatting with one another.  Our resident ravens can be found sharing the water buckets with the horses and munching on apples from the orchard.  In the evenings, the hooting of the owls lets you know it is time to wind down for the day. 

We have a private cottage if you would like to stay, we have a bedroom with a queen bed, a queen sofa bed and a day bed with a pull out trundle.  You are more than welcome to pitch up a tent, however, at night, know we have a whole other form of wildlife share our property.  The bears pad through on their way to the trails and very, very occasionally coyotes, the cougars keep to themselves and do not often visit the properties, but it is nice to be aware they could…….

Our Facilitators

Ellen White – Equine Assisted Life Coach, ACC Life Coach

Ellen is certified through Equine Facilitated Wellness and Equine Alchemy and an AAC Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation.  Ellen has had horses in her life since a tender age of seven years old.  Always feeling more at home on the ground, working on the relationship with the horse, rather than riding and dominating the horse, Equine Therapy matches her personality.   Each of Ellen’s team of equines has come with their own stories, trauma, trust issues.  This work enables the horses not only to help heal humans, but for the humans to help heal the horse. 

Melanie Keller O’Leary – Earth & Soul Medicine Practitioner

Melanie Keller O’Leary is an Earth & Soul Medicine Practitioner, Counsellor, Sound Therapist, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator and Creative Visionary. Through her work, Melanie supports others as they embark on their own journey of healing, self-discovery, and transformation. She offers a safe and nurturing space for individuals and groups to heal, grow, and thrive, and invites them to connect with their own inner wisdom, to listen to the whispers of the earth, and to honor the sacredness of their own bodies and souls.

Pat Robinson - Expressive & Healing Arts Facilitator

Women, when we come together, have a way of creating something that wasn’t there before.  I’m excited to share in this time with you!

As an Expressive Arts facilitator, who moved to the beauty of the West Coast 12 years ago, there is something very sacred about creating space together… a place where women can explore the true meaning of experiences and honor them. Having created that space for my own healing and transformation, I am grateful to share those gifts.

Walking a path of deep healing and writing in journals for over 4 decades, I have seen the profound power of journal writing in the lives and hearts of women. Woven with creative art making, something magical happens!

Collage art has been in my life since I was a child and became a deep practice during studies at the Haliburton School of the Arts, ON. Creating a deck of healing Oracle cards over the years, has taught me to move from the outer distractions of life and to listen to the voice within.

All of this magic, I offer to our time together!


Workshop Dates



Workshop Descriptions

Weekend Retreat – Horse, Cacao and Sound Medicine

Facilitators – Melanie O’Leary and Ellen White

You are invited to step out of your ordinary life and join us for a transformative healing weekend on the Sunshine Coast. This will be an opportunity for you to connect to yourself, nature, community and with the wisdom of five equine teachers. From the moment you arrive, you'll be invited to set your intention for the weekend, and open yourself up to the possibility of healing, creativity, and exploration. The horse herd and the facilitators will welcome you and will hold space for your journey of self-discovery. 

As you spend time in nature on the beautiful acreage, you will have the opportunity to ground and sync with the equine teachers. The horses have a powerful ability to mirror our emotions and help us connect deeply to ourselves. All we ask is that you be open to what unfolds, and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of the horse herd. 

During the retreat, you'll experience Cacao Medicine, enjoy a sound journey and meditation, connect with others and share in a safe and supportive space. You'll also be nourished by healthy, delicious meals. 

This retreat is an incredible opportunity for anyone seeking to connect with themselves, others, and the natural world in a deep and meaningful way. Come join us for a truly transformative experience with our equine teachers and the healing power of nature.

$800 per person including accommodation and meals.


Horse Medicine and Spirit Doll Workshop
Facilitators – Melanie O’Leary and Ellen White

If you're looking for a truly magical and intuitive experience to connect with your creativity and this day retreat focused on the creation of a spirit doll may be just what you need. This immersive experience allows you to connect with the natural world on a beautiful acreage while working with five equine teachers to guide your journey. The equines will take you through your own personal journey of dipping your toe into authenticity and allowing you to listen to your body, hear your heart beat, feel your breath, for some that is a gift in itself.  We will work with the equines in a way they hold space for us and we feel comfortable with them, gentle, subtle, loving. 

One of the most intuitive creations that can emerge from this experience is the Spirit Doll. This doll is much more than a mere physical object. It embodies your deepest intentions and prayers, and connects you with your essence. By creating a Spirit Doll, you engage in a powerful form of self-expression that can heal and transform you in profound ways.

Throughout the day, you'll have the opportunity to create sacred space and engage in a guided journey to explore the spirit and medicine of your doll. With all materials provided, you'll have ample time to bring your vision to life and create a doll that truly embodies your intentions. 

As you work on your creation, you'll be surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are also on their own creative journeys. Sharing in circle allows you to connect with others and gain insights and inspiration that can further deepen your experience. 

Of course, no retreat would be complete without nourishing food. You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal together, surrounded by nature and the equine teachers who have guided you throughout the day. 

In the end, the creation of a spirit doll is a powerful way to connect with your creativity and heal your spirit. With the guidance of the equine teachers and the support of your facilitators and fellow retreat participants, you'll leave feeling empowered and inspired to continue on your creative journey.

$175 (plus GST) per person including snacks, lunch and supplies
Accommodation available at an extra cost of $75 per night per person.


Horse Medicine and Horse Wisdom Card Workshop
Facilitators – Pat Robinson and Ellen White
Those who seek to find their true, authentic selves, can discover the awakening of that self within their interaction with Horse Wisdom. To then explore through creative expression, opens the doors wide for possibility. Just like the lands we are on, the horses will guide us to opening to the vast inner landscape that lies within each of us.

Within the setting of a magical ponds, the sounds of nature abounding, you are invited to step into the mystery of the wisdom of the horse and your own evolving self.

Your equine partners share their wisdom, for they feel deep within us what we need, what we yearn for, what is hidden within. They take us on our own journey, offering the opportunity to discover the authentic self, the person we long to be, and can be. They give of themselves what is ours to receive.

After a nourishing lunch, we will create sacred space together. Our afternoon of wisdom gathering will be held within a guided journey, made deeper and more meaningful within the sharing of this small and cozy gathering. Through collage art and written word, the creation your own personal Horse Wisdom Card will come to life. This card will gently hold the essence of your imaginative images, your healing, your unfolding self… and become a guide to your journey in the times to come.

All materials will be provided. You simply need only accept the invitation. The horses await your arrival.

$175 (plus GST) per person, lunch and snacks included.
Accommodation available at an extra cost of $75 per night per person.


Relationships with Horses and Self Workshop
Facilitator – Ellen White
Our lives are fast paced, we run from one thing to the next, chatting with friends and family, but never really listening, never really communicating.  We breathe, but never take a breath.  When was the last time we actually stopped and smelled the roses, when was the last time, we listened to our heart beat, took a long slow breath, listened to what is around us.  The Sanctuary is a little piece of solitude from the outside world, if we sit and really listen, we can hear the horses chewing their hay, we can feel the soft warm breath as they connect with us, nose to heart.  Can we open ourselves up enough to build that relationship the horse offers us?  We have to let down our guard, show our vulnerability and dig a little to allow ourselves to want to connect with another sentient being.  Are you ready to take that step and find your authentic self? 
$125 (plus GST) per person, lunch and snacks included.
Accommodation available at an extra cost of $75 per night per person.
Horse Medicine and Vision Board Workshop
Facilitator – Ellen White
We often feel that pull, something telling us it is time to make a change, whether we are yearning to move career, give ourselves the self care we all need, redesign our space, where do we start?  How do we know what we really want, or have we been conditioned to be told what we should want?  Join us in revisualizing from our true authentic self, our herd helping us find that place in our body to really find what we yearn for, where our passions lie, what our heart is calling out to us for.  Immerse ourselves in putting together our visions, so do not loose sight of our goals. 
$140 (plus GST) per person, lunch and snacks included.
Accommodation available at an extra cost of $75 per night per person.

We are also hoping to host Sip and Paint!!  Watch this space for more details.  

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