What to expect in a Session

Each of services are tailor made for you as an individual.  Whether it be an adult or child or an experience.  I like to have an informal chat on the phone allowing us to see if EFL is going to be a match to what you are looking for.  We chat about your wants and goals and why you are looking to do EFL.  We then meet in person (if working with the horses), this gives you the opportunity to meet myself and the herd and for me to meet with you as the client.  To see if we are compatible.  After that, I will send you a coaching agreement and questionnaire (if you are doing the coaching with horses).  From there, please check below for what you can expect from each of the services offered.   You will need to wear suitable shoes and clothing for being outside.  

I bring nature into our programs, as we do not always have a horse to hand!  I give you tools to work with at home, journals, introducing you to being in nature, understanding how to listen to your body through a somatic based body scan.

Equine Facilitated Coaching This is a minimum of 8 weeks of life coaching with horses.  Please read "What is EFL" for more information.   

After meeting and you completing a coaching questionnaire, we work towards your goals through working with the horses.  The horses are a mirror to us, we cannot hide from what they tell us and give us a new perspective on what we normally cannot see.  We work through different exercises, which can be meeting the herd, boundary work, leading and moving the horse around, obstacle courses and liberty work.  We also have gentle days of mindfulness grooming, journaling and sit spot in nature.  We also play with the horse wisdom cards and maybe vision boards and mandala.  We really play it session by session, seeing where you are on that day, what comes up and what you want to work on.

$75 plus GST per session

Equine Facilitated Wellness  A program working with horses giving you time to yourself, building connection and relationship with the horses and understanding how your body sense feeling leads to a healthier and happier self. We work through different exercises with the horses bringing you into your body and understanding  the messages our body tells us.  This is designed for individuals who just need time to themselves, suffer from anxiety or just want connection with another sentient being.  No horse experience is needed and even if you are nervous of horses, this is an excellent way to understand why our body feels anxious and how the horse can help you overcome this.  This is offered to Adults and Teens.  We work in nature and introduce different tools in order to help us understand our body sense feeling.

$75 plus GST per session

Kids Equine Wellness  I have been approved by BC Autism Funding as a service provider to offer my wellness programs to anyone who qualifies for this funding.  I am working with specialists in the field to put together programs for kids who have neurosensory issues.  Each program is individually tailored to the client, as we all need very different things.  However, the programs offer relationship values. when we learn to have a relationship with a horse, our sentient being, we can transfer those skills to our friends and family.  We learn about emotions, it is not easy to name what emotion we are feeling but it can be easier to draw it.  We do lots of drawing and I help the client to problem solve through working through situations using our emotion drawing and how we can address any problems we are having.  We do "hard" work, this is where, we do some yard work before we start our sessions.  Maybe raking the round pen, which ends up with us drawing pictures in the sand, or going for a walk as our favorite animal or dinosaur.  We use the nature around us to work with, learning how this can be used as a tool.  We then work with the horse, whether this is grooming, or leading or taking our friends for a walk around the trails.  From this, we can do boundary work in the round pen, understanding how we have body energy and how that can affect our friends, our family and us.  The horses help us become comfortable with this.  I always meet the client where they are at.  Some days, we just need to draw and work through what has gone on in the week and some days we can liven things up.  I also work a lot with mindfulness cards, giving tools to help us learn the power of breathe.  I also encourage parents to stay and learn as well.  These skills can then be used at home.

$75 plus GST

Stable Management Lessons  Hands on learning on how to look after your horse.  Whether you are a horse owner or not, these sessions teach you about how to set up your horses home, how to look after your equine, nutrition, first aid, stable management and anything else you would need to know.   You receive a folder and material to take away with you.  I am currently studying with University of Guelph completing my Equine Diploma, so want to share my new found knowledge! 

$60 plus GST

Teen Six Week Program

I have come up with this program to help our teens navigate their new found independence, giving them tools in order to work with their anxiety, help regulate their bodies, explore boundaries.  They naturally grow their confidence through working with the horse, building a mutual relationship, which can be transferred to friends and family around them.  We learn the power of breath, how we can be intuitive through our body, listening to our heart and gut.  At the same time, I offer coaching to help through any issues that come up through our sessions.

This is a special 6 week program, which I offer at a rate of $375 plus taxes.  This can be paid in installments. Please also inquire if you have a teen that this could really benefit, but you may require financial assistance.

Workshops  Dates will be released by the end of January 2023 of when we will be running workshops. with a maximum of six attendees.  

New Intentions - this workshop will focus on our hope and dreams and how we can achieve them.  We will work with the horses through different exercises.  Through being our authentic self with the horse, we can see how our conditioned thoughts are blocking us from following our dreams.  To finish, we will put together a vision board and take away tools in order for us to follow through on our intentions. This is more suited to adults.  

Wellness - this workshop gives us an introduction on how the horse can help us live a healthier life.  Through different exercises based in the beautiful surroundings of Evergreen Acres and working with the horses we explore how to take time back for ourselves and learn to self care.  I am hoping to partner with different teachers in nature, art, yoga and meditation.  This workshop will be offered for adults and teens.

Boundaries / Messages of Emotions - working with the horses, understanding ours and the horses boundaries.  Why do we have them and why they are important.  Through this, we can understand what emotions are brought up and why and how we can change our forward paths through our body sense feeling.  We will finish by having an experience with the horse with our new found boundaries. This workshop will be offered for adults and teens.

Equine Retreats / Sound Therapy / Art / Writing 

I am currently exploring collaborations with other practices to bring a combined two day retreats.  Arriving on a Friday evening, and starting our weekend on the Saturday morning, leaving Sunday afternoon.  Staying in our cottage which sleeps six people, this will be a combination of equine and other modalities.  More details will be given by the end of January 2023 including pricing. 

Please note, suitable clothing and footwear should be worn.  No open toed shoes.