Camp 1 –Dates July 5th and August 3rd  – 10 till 3pm

Hello Pony!! - Who is our pony?  We learn about their body language, their thoughts, why do they do the things they do.  Do we have anything to do with that? 

Camp 2 - Dates July 12th and August 10th – 10 till 3pm

Looking After Our Pony  - What are our pony’s basic needs?  How do we look after our ponies safely and comfortably.


Camp 3 - Dates July 19th and August 17th – 10 till 3pm

Where does our Pony Live? - We investigate all types of homes for our pony and design our own home for pony!!

Camp 4 - Dates July 28th and August 24th – 10 till 3pm

Why is our Pony Poorly? - We delve into what makes our pony sick and what can we do and when do we need to call the vet.

Cost for all camps - $50 plus GST – Max of 6 kids


I am in love with this program.  We started August 2021 and I am pleased to announce I will be continuing program once we are settled into our new home.   This is an opportunity for any kids from Grade 2 to 7 to participate in our after school club.  We run twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon after school 3 till 4pm.  

I am running this on a subscription basis:

Thereby, it is $250 per month plus GST whether your child attends or not.  

The program will be split into an hour twice a week, with the first hour being :

Stable Management - This is all about how we look after our equines.  From designing our own barn, to finding out what horses like to eat through nutrition.  We will learn first aid, aliments, behavior and anything and everything else in between. Of course we will be getting lots of crafts in here, because why not!!!  Don't worry kids, I have stocked up on glue sticks and glitter!!!  

The second hour will be : 

Horsemanship - this is the hands on bit.  Everyone will get to learn how to handle the horse, groom, lead their ponies.  Safety will be a big thing.  Understand their body language and what the horse is communicating to them.  We will work with our ponies at liberty and on the lunge.  Taking them through obstacle courses and asking them to safely move around.   Please note, there is no riding in this program.  All of my horses are therapy horses and I am only insured to work with children and clients on the ground.

The added bonus is the kids will learn about relationship not only with their ponies, but with one another.  They will gain confidence and be in a safe space to learn and be their authentic self with one another.  We will learn how to understand what our body is telling us, rather than our head, learn the power of breath work and how to bring nature into our every day lives.  Each child will get a journal where they are encouraged to write their thoughts, emotions, feelings.  We will work together as a team and support one another. 

This year, I am hoping to be able to take the kids out on some field trips as well.  Showjumping, volting, dressage, barreling, reining.  I also hope we can do some sleep overs at the barn, help put the horses to bed, lots of fun around a camp fire in the evening, sleeping in tents and then up in the morning to give the horses their breakfast, before we have ours.   We will also do lots of special events through the year.  

Please contact me directly at if you are interested in attending.  

 My philosophy when working with horses and humans is relationship and trust.  I work in a very relaxed environment, with no judgement.  When it comes to building relationship with our equine friends, we do not need to have experience, we just need to be open to being us.  Through this our kids (teens, adults) learn that by being our awesome selves, our pony responds to us with love, trust and wanting to be with us.  My camps are all about learning something new, having fun and making friends.  It is all about supporting one another. 

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