Hi!!!  My name is Ellen White and welcome to Present Moments Equine Facilitated Learning.  For the last couple of years, we lived on the beautiful Bowen Island, a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay.  However, we have just moved to our own beautiful equine property in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast.  I am currently certifying as an Equine Facilitated Coach under the International Coaching Federation and I am also certifying under Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada.  I work with my team of five horses, who are by colleagues and mentors.

I have had horses in my life somehow for the last 40 years and always a strong bond with them.  Maybe I will do some historical pieces in the blog section, rather than turn my home page into a novel of my love of horses!

Instead, let me introduce you to my little herd, who are my team members and I could not do this work without.

Henry, my five year old, he is one of the most playful horses I have ever known.  His most favourite thing to do is to play with his ball.  You can find him in his pasture, pushing his ball around and then jumping on top of it.  His little nose is always on the go, exploring his surroundings and his people.  Henry has proven to be a great horse in sessions, he is sensitive and intuitive to the clients.  Henry is currently on Vancouver Island, being started (backed and ridden) by a friend and fellow EFW colleague.  This way, I know his training will continue in a relationship based partnership working with his energy and giving him the time to understand what is being asked of him, rather than overwhelming him and causing him to shut down.   

Cassie is a 18 year old Thoroughbred x Odenberg.  I have had Cassie since March 2021. She is one of the most sensitive horses I have ever had.  She feels everything and strongly.  Even though Cassie has joined in on some sessions, she has a journey of healing to continue.  So for the time being I am keeping her to myself.  We have a lovely relationship already and she is starting to come into her own and finding her personality.  I am enjoying holding space for her to explore that.  We still have a long way to go, but I am already enjoying the journey.  Her favourite thing is to have her head scratched and face brushed, oh and lots of kisses.  

Clyde and Lightening are very bonded mini's.  Lightening is a palamino (golden), 18 year old gelding and Clyde is a grey, 28 year old gelding.  These guys are not short on personality.  I call Clyde my little racoon, because he is always into something, generally somewhere he shouldn't be.  He wants to be close, but hates cuddles and kisses.  He has very clear boundaries and I think at 28 he has earned that for sure!!  Lightening is quiet and sensitive, he wants his little herd around him and is happiest when he is in the middle of everything.  These guys are amazing at working in my kids programs and a total asset to me.

Bella, this little lady is the newest member of the herd.  She is from Second Chance Cheekeye Ranch, which is an amazing horse rescue centre in Squamish.  She is 5 years old, which is a little young as a therapy horse, but since I work a lot with kids and teens, she is going to be an asset with these guys as she will learn as much as they do.  So far, she is feisty and settling into the herd.  She is about 14hh and is already backed, so I am looking forward to continuing her education when we are settled into our new home.  

I am so lucky to have these five horses in my life and to have them as part of my team.  I could not do the work without them and love spending as much time with them as I possibly can.  They all teach me on a daily basis and make me want to learn and improve and do my best by them.  I am on my own journey with them guiding me.

Since I am a life and wellness coach and my philosophy is to work in the present and the future, the herd and I have decided that we do not need to revisit their pasts.  We can't change the past, but we can travel a new path to our future.  As soon as each of these horses arrived with me, they had new futures and I meet them where they are on this day and we work to the future and not from the past.  We can change our stories, we do not have to be defined by what happened in our past.  If we are willing to put the work in and listen to what is in our heart and body, and not to those past stories in our head, we can do anything and be anyone we want.  Living in the present moment and appreciating all that encompasses, giving us time to breathe, we can feel more clearly in our body, which can lead us to be our more authentic self.  I hope that working with my herd, allowing them to be their authentic self enables them to show you how you can take that journey and embrace your own authenticity. 

Our Location

We have just bought our property on the Sunshine Coast, in Roberts Creek.  We are now all living on site together!! I am beyond excited!  We have bought a 5 acre property, which has a barn for the horses, grazing, an arena and a round pen.  We have our own house and a cottage on site.  We have ponds, veggie gardens and a chicken coop.  I also have a little classroom ready for our programs and I am raring to get going!!  I am also looking forward to exploring our new neighborhood.